Ex5 learn python the hard way

Is a format character just the character assigned to conversion types?

Could you provide a real example?

Zed says at the bottom of exercise 5 that we should “search online for all of the python format characters”. I just want to know that I am looking at the right thing. Are the format characters the “s” in “%s” or the “d” in “%d”? Here is a link to the page i found with my search… https://python-reference.readthedocs.io/en/latest/docs/str/formatting.html

Yes, that’s right. Here’s the official documentation.


I don’t see what you are talking about in Ex5 …
But yes if the scope is format character, I eventually think he is talking about the %d, %s which apply some conversion type to formatting.


Yep, that’s basically right but remember that these format characters are kind of old so they’re not too used in later version of Python.