Ex50: can't turn text green

I did the first part of ex50 ok, but the text will not turn green and I can’t work out why. I am using a Mac and python 3.6

Hi @GK77

It is always easier to help if we can see the code.

Copy your /templates/index.html file.

Paste the code in here. 

I guess the problem is in there.
The more information you give the better is the chances that we can help you.
Perhaps you find it yourself

I checked the code and altered a few errors, but now I’m getting this error:


My 6 year old daugther use to say to me when I dont have an answer:

“Google it daddy. Google it.”

Here is one search

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Yes, google that like @ulfen69 says, but also see if you can drop a screenshot of the error. Sometimes you get that error but it could be like 10 things that aren’t turned on.

I worked out my connection problem, I did not start flask every time.
Also I spelt green wrong.

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Classic mistake that everyone makes. Spelling errors are usually a big cause of things like syntax and name errors.