Ex51 from lpthw

in ex51 from lpthw, i have typed all files as instructed. whenever i am running nosetests it throws following error as shown in screenshot.

now i didn’t really get the hierarchy of various files to be maintained. i have attached the tree structure in next screenshot. please review the case and let me know the correct file hierarchy.

help is appreciated.
thank you.

If you look at the skeleton folder and your gothonweb folder there are a few differences. Most noticeable the dunder inits. Python needs these to know a folder is a package.

Yes, do you see how you have __init__.py files in the wrong places compared to skeleton? Also, you might need to do this:


That’s not supposed to be needed but apparently it still is.

thank you gpkesley and zedshaw very much. i managed to work around and run the nosetests successfully.

but the major problem was in app.py module.

i had missed to change the following:

index.html ==> index_laid_out.html
hello_form.html ==> hello_form_laid_out.html
(lines 15 and line 17 in the app.py sreenshot)

the ss of tree gothonweb is also attached as it would be helpful.

thank you.

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