Ex52- #8 Creating several "maps"

I am currently on exercise 52- Task #8, and I got a prototype to get other maps of rooms or games running within my app engine.

So I was wondering if there is anything I could improve or change about how I structured for other games to be accessed. I guess I am not sure if everything looks good up until this point so I can move forward to exercise/task # 9

Any help would be highly appreciated!

edit: Deleted reference to project

Issue resolved!

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Do you mind doing a write-up of what the problem was and how you fixed it? That’ll help other people and also help you in the future when you hit that again.

Hello Zed,

The problem:
I couldn’t figured out how to create different maps or games to work within the same engine.

What I did:

  1. I created a general home page in the app file via route and render template.
  2. On this home page, added a button to go to the gothons’ game and a second button in the same home page to go to a different game
  3. Then on the app file, I created a function/route for each of these games to be access from within clicking the game buttons in the home page(html)
  4. Inside of each of these game functions. I pass a starting variable for each game coming from the planisphere file and redirecting to the game function(engine).

Everything seemed to work fine, but I would like to know if there is a much better or cleaner way to to this.

Thank you for the help

Awesome, thanks for writing that up.