Ex52: fixing the basic structure of the map


I’m having trouble deciphering some of Zed’s instructions in exercise 52:

We have to put the text that was in the if-else clauses that got printed before entering a room as part of each room.

I assume this is referring to the if-else clauses from exercise 43, however those clauses were all printed after entering the room (the clauses that processed the players actions). It wouldn’t make sense to relocate the previously in-room clauses so they are now before-room clauses since they are associated with actions done inside the rooms.

What am I missing here?

The instructions continue:

This means you can’t shuffle the planisphere around, which would be nice. You’ll be fixing that up in this exercise.

This seems to be saying that once we do the work of relocating the if-else clauses, it will break the planisphere and we’ll have to fix it later in the exercise. Is that right?

I’m also confused about the definition of “map” in the exercise:

Once you have the code from Exercise 47 copied over, it’s time to refactor it to have the Exercise 43 map in it. I’m going to start off by laying down the basic structure, and then you’ll have an assignment to make the planisphere.py file and the planisphere_tests.py file complete.

Lay out the basic structure of the map using the Room class as it is now:

Ex43 has a class named Map. But the way this is phrased, it sounds like the “map” in question might be the structure of the various rooms and not the Map class that needs to be added.

Could someone clarify?




I just read your message from about 3 weeks ago, let me know if you still need clarification and I’ll take a crack at answering.


Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I may have to re-read this, but it might be that a lot of this is clearer if you watch the video. Did you do that yet?


Thanks. I did watch the videos before posting. I’ve needed to put this on hold for a bit due to work responsibilities, so I haven’t had time to make any progress on this lesson. I do think the instructions could be clarified though.