Ex52 import error, failed nosetest, app.py still runs in browser


I’m working on the final exercise, and have a strange issue. I have previously had difficulties with running nosetests. My file structure is the same as laid out in ex 52:

  • /gothonweb
    • __init__.py
    • app.py
    • markup.py
    • planisphere.py
    • /static
    • /templates
      • layout.html
      • show_room.html
      • you_died.html
    • /tests
      • app_tests.py
      • planisphere_tests.py

app.py runs just fine on localhost in the browser, but when nosetests run I get a failure. The import statements in planisphere_tests.py are taken directly from the exercise:

from nose.tools import *
from gothonweb.planisphere import *

Traceback is:

  File "/Users/Zeesy/hard_way/projects/gothonweb/app.py", line 3, in <module>
    import planisphere
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'planisphere'

When run with:

from nose.tools import *
import planisphere

Traceback is:

  File "/Users/Zeesy/hard_way/projects/gothonweb/tests/planisphere_tests.py", line 2, in <module>
    import planisphere
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'planisphere'

As mentioned, app.py runs the local server with no problems and the game works perfectly in the browser. What is going on here?


Planisphere is a file, is that the name of your class/module in the file also?


I’m under the impression that if planisphere is a python file, then it can be considered a module and imported. So, from gothonweb.planisphere import * would import any class/module inside planisphere.py

Room is the class inside planisphere.py. When I change the line to from planisphere import Room, I get an internal server error and the page will not load. The nosetest also fails with
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'planisphere'


Oh. Is it in the same directory as your test file?


See initial post above for directory structure.

  • app.py and planisphere.py are in ‘/’
  • planisphere_tests.py is in ‘/tests/’

Following the stackoverflow post, I tried:

import sys
sys.path.insert(0, '/')

inside planisphere_tests.py

This results in two errors in nosetests, including

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'planisphere'

The game still runs in the browser with these changes.


Try putting a copy of planisphere in the directory with the test file.

Nosetest will also be grumpy about files in separate directories.


Python always assumes an import is in the same directory. I believe the link explains that python will not import from outside the current directory.
I hope someone else can pop in and help. I know I couldn’t use pytest on files in a separate directories.


Here’s another link:

Nosetest is actually just a unittest with a fancy costume. Should work the same.


I’m confused about this, because in ex47, ex48 and ex49 the tests are in a tests folder, and the files being tested are in a subdirectory also called ex49 etc. These nosetests pass despite the different directories and the program not running (see previous post)

    -- ex47
        -- __init__.py
        -- game.py
    -- tests
        -- __init__.py
        -- ex47_tests.py

What is the point of running a test if it passes when the program is broken, and fails when the program works?


AH! I was missing an __init__.py from my /tests directory. This is what makes it a package. Now running into other issues but at least the original import statements work.

So the original import statement inside planisphere.py:

from gothonweb.planisphere import *



Good to know!
I thought the import just had to have the init.py.
Thanks for an excellent question!