Ex7 error ')' expected before 'char'

I typed and double checked everything, but I still get this error on “make”:

ex7.c:3:19: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘char’
int main(intargc, char*argv[])

I can’t figure out what I did wrong. I even copy and pasted everything in the ebook and I still get the error. Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Take a look at how you have intargc but I have int argc. See the space in mine? You have to be concious of the spacing, and adding more spacing is better than removing it. Trying to type code like:

int x=y+j/34*(hg^l);

Leads to errors like what you have here. Add in some spacing and it’s easier to read it and see errors:

int x = y + j / 34 * ( hg ^ l );
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I’m sorry… I can’t believe I missed that… I think I need to practice reading again. Apparently I’ve forgotten how to ‘read it backwards’ like when I worked through the LPTHW book.

Thank you!

Don’t feel bad. Once character mistakes are soooooooo common in programming it’s almost a disease. I have no idea why, but you can have really huge mistakes everyone see instantly, but get one character wrong and people will miss it for weeks.

It migt be becuse we reed wards as a wole.