Excercise 23: How do I configure my terminal? W.10

Here’s a better view of what I’m seeing… I can’t tell if its displaying the way it should exactly but I just know it isn’t… how do I configure my terminal to “properly” display utf-8??? Help. Anyone, please and thank you <3

Ah, you’re in PowerShell and powershell kind of sucks at Unicode. I’d say that’s about as far as you can go with this exercise.

(Jumps off cliff) life was great!

Thank you for asking this. I signed up to the forum because I had the same exact issue!
I am disappointed with Powershell in this matter as well. :confused:

@Alfredo13 if find an aternative powershell or terminal that I can download send me a link please!

@xquiin I have been using Visual Studio code, which let you use the Powershell console inside of it and you can get the right output, as Zed said Atom and visual studio code are base on the web. However I will be moving along with the exercise since he said this will be as good as it gets using Powershell for this exercise.

This image below shows you how the output in the terminal looks like if you use it within visual studio code:

Maybe your editor has the same option of using Powershell within it

Hope this help in any way

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I thought i’d get the same results as I originally did on windows powershell. Thanks for the heads up! @Alfredo13

:+1: not a problem!!

Still no results. I guess I wont be able to give lesson 23 a try. @Alfredo13

Try to set it to work with utf-8 encoding, hit the bottom right where I marked with the red circle.
Maybe that helps!

Didn’t work - I guess my laptop isn’t capable of displaying utf-8. It’s okay. I’ll get to it somehow. :’(

hmm!! I am kind of new as well, I guess that’s as much as I can help. I am using python 3.6, I don’t know if you are or if it would make a difference, but It wouldn’t hurt to double check and see if that makes a difference!

im 3.5 / 3.6. Everyone is telling me to download different types of powershell, etc. but at this point I’ll just leave this lesson on queue and get back to it once I feel i’m ready to tackle it once again. I’m sticking to zeds motto. take what I don’t understand in regards to functions etc. and research. eventually everything will fall in place! But thanks alfredo!! Hey do you have discord?? we can help each other along the way :slight_smile:

oh yeah, I have Powershell 5.1, try that and over. and that’s what I am doing as well. I have never heard of it, but I 'll check into it and try to build an account. sound like a good idea!

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Yes, that is most likely @xquiin but if you got this far in Ex23 then go ahead and move on.

Will do then. By the way will you be uploading more practice tests? It would be pretty cool :nerd_face:

@xquiin I signed up to this forum just for this same issue. I am using Windows power shell for my practice and get the output same as yours. Did you get any alternatives. I am kind of stuck in Exercise 23 and was hoping someone would help me with this. @zedshaw Any help is appreciated.

Can’t help you with Windows, I am using Linux. But try using VS Code, see how it works.

@io_io Thanks for the response. Will try that and update here.

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Hi @nageshv.command, there actually is a thread on here for alternatives to Powershell for this very reason:

Windows PowerShell Alternatives

Try one of those out and see if it works better.