Exercise 10 - Unicode didn't show in powershell

Hi Guys,
How can I make to show the unicode character in powershell? Thanks.

print("\N{MYANMAR LETTER KA}") #Didn’t work.


I ran into this problem as well, and it seems like fixing it is more trouble than it’s worth. Here is a detailed post about making the necessary changes, which involve picking the correct font for Powershell to use–the problem being that SimSun-ExtB still doesn’t display the myanmar character so you’ll need a different font. You might also try running Powershell ISE, but mine didn’t work so I don’t know if you’ll have the same results.

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Thanks for your information. I have read that post before the solution is difficult for me to understand and didn’t work well when I followed. That’s why I decided to post in this forum. Powershell ISE didn’t work for me also. Seems like it will be more difficult to find the solution.