Exercise 43 questions about study drills 4 and

I have a question about study drill 4, which says: Add cheat codes to the game so you can get past the more difficult rooms. I can do this with two words on one line.
So I have added to the subclass LaserWeaponArmory in the if-statement, "or guess == ‘cheat’ " so if someone inserts ‘cheat’ to pass this room, but doesn’t work. But if I put the if-statement into the while and write in the input ‘cheat’ the first time prints ‘ΒΖΖΖΕD’ and the second time I write cheat then prints out that I have passed the room. I am not sure what I haven’t understood and I cannot solve this drill.

Thanks in advance.

Have you made any headway?
I’m not to sure, but my guess would be it’s printing the buzz in the while loop then your cheat in the if-statement. There’s a smarter way to say that, I’m sure.
If you haven’t already figured it out or came across this, here’s a post that may help. Ex43 how to get past more difficult rooms?.