Exercise 51, Study Drill #2

Hi all,

In Exercise 51, Study Drill #2, Zed challenges us to do a file upload form so that we can upload an image and save it to the disk.

I’m kind of confused on what I’m supposed to do. I was able to code in a file upload form, where I can upload it to the page. I have also been trying to do a download “form” (more like an attribute, I guess), but I’m not having as much success with that.

Before I asked my about coding in the download attribute, I wanted to make sure I was interpreting the question the correct way. Are we making it to where we ask the user to upload a file, and also include code that allows them to download a file?


I think you need this page:


Then when the file is uploaded you can store it on the disk.ß

Gotcha. I kept trying to use the <form type=submit"> and <a href="file/to/path> tags and they were returning a blank download file. I even triple-checked to make sure I was using the correct relative file path.