Finished the first LPTHW Exam!

Just wanted to share my exam result - haa.

Sweet! Now, as you go through the next part remember this one crucial thing:

You are expected to not get things right away, make lots of mistakes, and have to work at it.

I think people get through the first half (which is fairly rote) and then crumble in the second half only because they think all their code should work at the first run. If you constantly remember that your code will have lots of errors at first and you have to work at getting it right, then you’ll do better.

The other thing to remember is to GO SLOW and DO SMALL BITS AT A TIME. That helps you deal with the above.

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I’ve kept that in mind since the beginning… so I keep to breaking code, and then figuring out ways to apply what I’ve learned. But i totally agree with you about it being rote, but i mean I enjoyed it. Its been really awesome thus far.