Flask or Django is better to go with first?

Hello! I want to go ahead learning a web framework but not sure with which one should I go, with Flask or Django given that I’m a beginner in programming. Thank you!

If you know JavaScript, I’d rather recommend Express, and probably React for the front-end. Otherwise, flask is probably fine. I don’t know Django, I’ve only heard that it’s huge and kinda old.

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Flask for sure. As a beginner it’s all you need for websites or single page apps, but can easily handle more complex apps too.

Django is more complex for a beginner, but after learning flask, it’s easier to pick up.

I’d recommend The Flask Mega-Tutorial Part I: Hello, World! - miguelgrinberg.com as a great resource although some of the libraries in later chapters have changed and the no longer work as described 3 years ago.

You also cannot go wrong with DjangoGirls for an intro to Django that covers a fair few things for beginners.


Thank you ! very helpful

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