Fohkuhs Pomodoro Timer


I’ve been using this little piece of software for the Mac to track my Pomodoro times and it’s working pretty well:

It’s free and easy to use. If anyone has recommendations on Windows and Linux tools of the same type then drop a comment.


For Linux Mint there is a Cinnamon Spice Applet called ‘Pomodoro Timer’:

Works pretty well. I love it.


Using Marinara for Linux. It’s a Chrome extension and works very well. Except those popups can be scary, but I am more sensitive to sudden changes.
I also bought the real thing in plastic from the pomodoro site but it’s hugely annoying :smiley:


It’s a great technique! I just have my Echo run 25 minute and 5 minute timers for me … Will that chrome extension work on my Win10 machine?


Pretty much any Chrome extension would work, but this little program isn’t a chrome extension. It just runs in the OSX tray. Look in the Windows store and there’s a bunch.


And very nice it is too. This is helping me a lot now.