Further learning in python

Can anyone suggest some websites for free certification course . Already going to finish python
as a beginner . I feel like doing something certified will gain some acknowledgement as I am not truly from a computer science background . Also if you can suggest me some other materials please do . I have done python ,SQL,html from solo learn but I want some course which gives exercises as Mr.shaws book does ~ Thank you

I think more important than certificates is that you make stuff. Lots of stuff. Put it in on a GitHub repo so people can see what you can do.

I also guess certificates that are actually worth getting aren’t usually free.

Learn More Python the Hard Way is definitly worth the (considerable) effort, I heartily recommend it. Likewise, working through Learn C the Hard Way has taught me a LOT.

If you want a job, learn JavaScript.

If you’re looking for a more solid theoretical background, I recommend checking out the books and courses on teachyourselfcs.com. Most of them are excellent or classics or both and available for free.