:Git workflow directly in Vim

I’ve no idea how I have survived without Tim’s fugitive plugin up to now. I’m only a decade behind the curve!

The way you can open a temporary buffer with file diff’s is essential for me and my short attention span!

Throughly recommended plugin.

Cool recommendation. I’m still sticking with Vim too, IDE’s are to complex for me :laughing:

I use PyCharm if I’m working in Django as its all in one place, but for most things I stick with Vim if I can. I need to improve on multiple file management so this plugin was really helpful for seeing what I had change if I got lost in several open files. Using iTerm2 on Mac really helps too as its much more friendly than tmux.

I will give PyCharm another go. I’m trying for years to get started with WingIDE, but it’s too complicated for me :frowning: On PyCharm there are at least some good Video Tutorials around.

Yeah there’s loads of tutorials. Just remember to set up the right interpreter and venv in preferences.

The test runner is a bit weird too. You have tests right? :wink: but once you got it how you like it, the process is very fluid. I like the feature where you can set it to run unit test after every change.

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