Good Video Meeting Software for Yoga-Teaching

Hello All
I know, it’s very off topic for this forum, but I know a lot of you have experience with video-chat, so I want to ask if you know a good meeting/video software (browser-based) that is very easy to use. I ask because my wife is a yoga teacher, and she can’t do regular yoga classes because of the corona pandemic, so she thought about to give online yoga classes.

Zoom works really well for me, though I think you have to pay if you need meetings with many people.

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I’ve used loads for work but experience suggests people are hesitant to install software clients required for the likes of Zoom, WebEx, hangouts, etc, especially as it means giving camera and mic control to the apps. Also the free accounts often lag at busy times as they are reprioritised over paid (Corp) accounts. There are some smaller players in the game but once they take off, they adopt the subscription model too and become too expensive.

As much as I hate to promote it, you best bet might be streaming via Facebook or Instagram where people are already online and don’t consider the snooping software a problem.

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Thank you @florian and @gpkesley. I had a look into Zoom before (@gpkesley mentioned it some time ago) it looks good and pricing isn’t that high. Facebook and Instagram is a no go for my wife, but good to know the options :slight_smile:

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Just want to give you a quick update. My wife managed to give her first virtual Yoga lesson today. She delivered it over Skype on Linux and it went very well. Thank you all for your tips.