Graham need your help

Hey Man,

Look, got off on the wrong foot, that I can not change. If you are willing could you please help me ssh my files from rasperry pi to my computer (linux mint). I just am no good at ssh. I have the ip address of rasperry pi and that’s all.

Cheers tc

there are a couple of ways. First you could use scp. Its typically included in most ssh distributions. the syntax is roughly

scp user@sourcehostname:sourcepathfile destpath

so if your raspberry pi is named pi and your user name on it is dude and the file name on it is the syntax would be

scp dude@pi:/home/dude/jack .

There is a way of piping data through ssh but that’s not as easy. Try scp first.


My bad, I’ve been running as super, as in my user name is pi. So would it be pi@pi:/home/pi/jack. That’s crazy, but sounds like fun, will tell you how it goes.

Well set up ssh-keygen
scp pi@ip_address:/home/pi/mystuff/Training/learn-python-the-hard-way.pdf /home/Documents

error Permission Denied. Would this be a chmod issue?