Happy New year! year review and year outlook

My status this and last ̶w̶e̶e̶k̶ year is:

But first for TL;DR: Happy New year. I’m starting over, understanding more, working more frequently on LPTHW and just started working on a raspberry pi on TV to remove obstetrical of kids on the computers. Things are looking up. Hope that was short enough. thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day and happy coding :upside_down_face:

oh and this isn’t a “New Year” resolution, more a Year End review, New Year Begin.

OK, for those willing to put up with the longer. And I apologize for grammar, runon’s and what not…

DONE: basically started LPTHW over…again. However, I just started the new year on a raspberry pi on the TV removing a blocker.
BLOCKERS: “life”, Basically my job starts every day at whatever time they need me. 0430, 0630 or even 2300 (yup, 11pm) and no idea when it will end, Law only requires 10 hours off and max working hours or 16 a day. which helps the time between studying to increase and many time getting stuck was caused by “forgetting” something. Also a snowballs chance of studying on one of two computers with two kids wanting to play on them, (or around it if one is using it to practice/study). and that’s where the raspberry comes in.
GOALS: complete LPTHW enough to start projects. complete LPTHW, start working freelance. and work on LMPTHW, study Java Script? maybe hacking? (ethical of coarse)
quit my job because coding (hacking?) is taking all my time and making money.

I am currently working on just coding everyday and retaining knowledge. also, GUI or not, this raspberry pi is not windows. Spent a good two hours figuring out that a simple “syntax error” is because PI was running 2.7 and another hour figuring out how to run 3.7.

I am struggling with understanding…actually, hard to say right now. I’m figuring out little things in the exercises that appear to block meat first, yeah, even on my third time.

I am finally understanding that I suck at typing and formulating of the thoughts lol. which is why I don’t blog, and makes asking/answering questions on the forum feel dicey. afraid to ramble, miss a point, come across wrong ect.

I have work to show at…well only in house. literally. Its on my hard drive and now a thumb drive to share between PC and PI. I tires GIT about a year ago (crap! I’ve been at this for 15 months :anguished: ) but gave up to spend limited time on LPTHW.

well, thanks for reading. Happy New Year! Happy coding and I’m back to the ole grindstone,


Hey guys,
I’ll keep it short:
This year was very good for me, I am 1 year and 3 months into a full stack developer position thanks to LCTHW course.
So thank you @zedshaw, I am happy I was part of this course and learned a huge amount from you.
I can still write whatever dictionary/lists combo, no matter how complicated it might look thanks to that insane first homework :smiley:
I am happy I met you all!
Happy New Year everyone!

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