Have simple game want to upload and run in flask or some other way on the web

Hello I have a simple game created roughly from Learn Python 3 the hardway. It runs at my powershell command line. I would like to get it to run in a browser is this plausible.

Have you looked at LPTHW3 exercises 50 - 52?
They seem to be a guide on doing exactly that.

Hi thanks for the reply yes I have looked at LPTHW3 exercises 50 - 52.
The problem with that as I started exercise 50 in the book I also watched Zed’s accompanying video which said the code in the book was wrong that stopped me right there, Zed said to email him for correct code . I did that but haven’t received the code yet.
Also when I scanned ahead Zed’s solution around 52 uses object oriented programming which I am not as strong in yet , so my game is made of functions.

In my cry for help I was looking for something like what I have seen on the web and not followed up yet which is to create a CGI script or whisky I will explore these ideas later. I was just looking for a way to put an html file in a folder with my python script have them link and run on a web browser,

My current solution is to use the methodology laid down in another book I am reading on Python that also uses flask and see if I can get their, model working then try to incorporate my game into their style, I have also been reading the Flask website flask.pocoo.org/
but have not found it super easy to use the website that is, some small details on there website where unclear to me.

OK, i don’t actually know how to do web stuff yet so i don’t think i can help you. I just knew that there was exercises that seemed aimed at what you were talking about.
So i hope someone else who knows will help you.

Thanks . I will wish us both good luck with this, after I get the game running, I will try and put it on some hosting service maybe like digital ocean, and take it as a rudimentary step towards trying to get a job in this field.

Hey Victor, I believe you emailed me but I didn’t really reply. To solve the problem of the book’s code being wrong I’ve opened up the code:


I believe that’s the only one that had problems, but bug me and I’ll open the other two, or I’ll just do it anyway tonight.