Help on some LPTHW3 Exercises

I’m making use of pydroid 3 on android to learn python coding. I have gone through some exercises which have ran succesfully and some didn’t like ex35 on Branches and Functions. I type the ex35 like you did in the book but when I ran it, it jus shows ‘program finished’, and nothing else. I need your help on it pls.

You need to show your code if you want us to help.

These are what it was showing me01-08_01:58:25 !




What’s the problem? You chose to flee from the bear which called start() again and restarted the dark room. Should start() be there, I can’t recall of the top of my head?

If the program ended, then as it because you got killed so it exited?

If it helps, draw a map of the rooms and choices to see where they take you.