Help please with ex 50!

Hi there!

I am having a lot of trouble with ex 50. It was going great until we added index.html. I tried to load it to the web but it didn’t work. I followed the advice in the video (which was adding template_folder=“templates”) but it still wouldn’t work. This is what I get when i try to load the page:

I have checked my code over and over and it is the same as Zed’s.

Any help would be super appreciated!

Here is my

and here is index.html:

Hey, can you do me a favor and instead of replying with your code in screenshots, just edit this main post and paste your code in like this:

# python code there

Then it’s easier to see what you’ve got.

Now, to answer your question, make sure that the file is actually in templates/ and that it’s accessible from where you’re running the app. Let’s say you do this:


Then you need to be able to do:

ls templates/index.html

If not then it’s probably just in the wrong spot.