Help with setting up

im very new to programming, im trying to set up ruby and get started, but as i attempt to follow the steps written for me, i get to where it says list directory and i am supposed to see a value number and a list of things with the the test.txt. i don’t know how to list the directory, unless im doing something wrong in atom and it wont show up for a reason, ive been stuck on this for an hour. thank you if someone can help me with this issue.

Might be a good idea to say what page you are on? and what operating system (windows, apple etc) you are using.

If you followed the instructions then you will have created a folder called my stuff and you did this by mkdir ‘mystuff’ in power shell.

Open atom create new file then save it to the folder mystuff call the file test.txt (txt =textfile)

Really need page number and operating system to help

At the back of the book there is an appendix a that you need to read to learn how to use the command line. If you go through that first then all of this will make a lot of sense. The command line is also a small programming language and a very good way to get started with your computer.

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