How can I learn coding AI using Python?

If I want to make an AI should I need the knowledge of only python or other programming languages also?

I think you will come a long way with Python in AI programming.

I just started to read a good book about getting into AI programming. Maybe you will check it out, too:

Thank you for your help

You definitely could be helped by probability.
AI is just a computer with massive data storage being able to follow a probability to the ‘correct’ or rewarded solution.
The Pypi and Matplotlib could be places to start for the math bits.
If you want to use a library that uses machine learning, it’s a beast, but NLTK is a language processing import that can do amazing things with strings and detecting language and parts of speach. It can even be trained so I’ve seen in bits and pieces about it, but I haven’t actually found the code online that does this.


You could try DataCamp. Lots in there for ML/AI etc in Python and R.

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What a nice way to describe AI. Love it :+1:


Hey @nellietobey your sentence just made it in my Anki deck. It so a good and concise way of describing AI. Thanks!