How many 45min sessions to do in LMPTHW?

I got LMPTH 3 weeks ago but I think I’m spending too much time on the 45 minute drills.

For example I spent 1 week cloning cat perfectly then I’ve been working on grep for the past 2 weeks.

In the study drills, Zed said to try to spend more 45 minute sessions hacking on the projects but I can’t seem to stop until I get the perfect implementation.

It’s fun but am I doing this right or should I just move on to the more advanced stuff now?

I’d suggest you are missing the point. These sessions are about getting into the habit of ‘getting started’ and being able to quickly research a topic, draft some pseudo code and potentially hack an initial working program.

There is no harm in spending more time on them if they fascinate you but its not the goal of the tasks I believe.

I recall when I did this I got the most feedback from videoing myself and screen to see what distracted me most. Then removed those things. I also ‘nearly’ got something working I was happy with so grab a second session (I use pomodoro) or fw more minutes to wrap up.

I blogged some of it before losing motivation with the blog: Time-boxing a cat

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