How much time should the book take to complete?

Including all the exercises and everything, how much time should the book take to complete entirely?

I think there’s no such thing as a recommended time to complete the book. This is why Zed’s course is free to join for as long as it takes, you just pay monthly.
Everyone is different , has a different amount of time to invest so the speed can not be the same.

Like @io_io said everyone is different, but I think if you put in 2-4 hours, 5 days a week, and don’t get discouraged or bogged down when you hit difficulty, then you can do it in 6 months or so. @io_io can tell you more about her progress in the C book so far.

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Hey, @strider, I started the C book June 11, 2018. I am at ex16 today. I am also reading a book on Arduino C on the side.

I started a few weeks ago and I’m up to ex17. But I have previous coding experience via web development, shell scripting, etc. Plus my income doesn’t require me to go anywhere so I can devote a lot of time every day to studying. Even as fast as I got through this much I’m still inclined to believe I’m going to be working on this course for months (or continue learning indefinitely, C is a big world with lots of history). My strategy thus far taking the time to reinforce the material in each exercise before I move on. So far this course is fun but frustrating, long and C is terrifying. But that’s the beauty of it, once you get beat up enough by it you start to get strong enough to have some fun with it.


I started about a week ago and am up to Ex24. Of course, I’ve had experience with slightly similar programming languages and am unemployed so I can spend multiple hours every day working on it… your milage may vary. Imo it really depends how and how fast you learn and how much time you can devote to it.