How to deal with OOP in python?

I have learnt Object Oriented Programming in python but still I get confuse every time. How to deal with this?

What is confusing you? I’d probably suggest that if you are getting confused every time, you probably haven’t learned it :slight_smile:

Is it the syntax, the dunder init, the concept of objects, inheritance? Give us some more info…

I’m to confuse i did’nt even grasp the basic of oops if you have any tutorail on oops basics in plain english (because english is not my native lanuguage)it will be very helpful for me and also any one who read this tutorial.classes and inheretence is to dificult to understand Thanks in advance.

What is your native language?

Try to read more about OOP

Hello @Shamsi.

I have some favourites on youtube I use to look at when I need some help.
But don’t forget that you have the videos Zed recorded and follows the book.
Watch them flrst.
Then I can suggest this one John Phillip Jones > Designing a Python class
And this one is really good and funny too Socratia, Python classes and objects
I also really like this: Corey Schaefer, Python OOP Tutorial 1: Classes and Instances

Look through these and see which one that helps you best.
Hope this is useful.


My native language is Urdu

Might be useful. I’ve no idea as I cannot speak Urdu…


I would suggest you to keep revising it and practicing it until you learn it properly. I understand that OOP in Python could be a little complicated and confusing but once you learn it properly, you will be able to code without any problem. So the key to learning OOP is by practicing and revising over and over again until you learn it either you make notes or take tutorial but there is no other way than practice. You should work on projects and include some real-life examples in your notes as it will help you remember the concepts for the long term.

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I think everyone finds it confusing. Only solution is to keep at it.