How's the rest of the book progressing?

Hey, just wanted to check in and see how the rest of the book was coming. Loved what’s there and had a blast with the oop game.

Finally back from an incredibly long trip quite literally around the world where I could not get decent internet to save my life. It shall commence thusly.


Great to hear man. Glad you had a good time, always nice to recharge. Watched that video you send me on tweeter. The painting looked great. I’ve generally been terrible at anything other than people, lol.

Hi @zedshaw

just bought the JS course, looked at the courses and it’s still in progress. Is the course still in development or had it halted for the time being?

Will this JS course benefits me as a newbie even though it’s not finished yet?

I want to learn how to automate things on the web.

For example,
There are some information update on a website, I want to create some kind of macro to extract a particular text/data/number on the site, copy it into my spreadsheet and reformat the information according to my spreadsheet. Is JS or python better for doing this kind of work?

If python is better for automation, then I will buy the python course and learn it.

Sorry for so many questions because as a newbie I am afraid of completing the JS course up to the latest exercise but get stuck in learning progress due to the course current progress.

Peter Lo

Definitely yes.

Both can do the job. (If you haven’t already, search the web for “web scraping”. Depending on what kind of data you’re working with, the website may also offer some kind of API to request data directly.)

How are your spreadsheets stored? Plaintext, a database or some kind of proprietary file format?

FWIW I’d say stick with JS. It can do what you need and it’s more fun than Python.

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