I made a game as per the assignment!

As the title says. I made a game. I totally grasp the if and elif statements.

lets see, what did I learn. Well I learned that return only returns values, I can’t use it to return to a function I’ve defined before.

I’ve learned about regexs and how they can be used to match parts of a string (VERY HELPFUL for user inputs… covers a wide margin of errors if written correctly)

I’ve learned that a space is a space and a tab is a tab (Seriously, a tab is not 4 spaces! Too many syntax errors from this mistake.)

And finally, I grasped while loops and understood why it was not working (If using ‘and’ and ‘and not’, you cannot introduce ‘or’ because it will not read both in the same if statement).

so without further ado, here is the house of countdoom. download the py and let me know what you think!

if you want to make any additions or changes, by all means!

Hi Zensei
Nice game.
On GitHub I sent you a pull request for two little Syntax-Errors.
I have a little suggestion for improving the user experience: I found it hard to know what I had to input. Would there be a way to inform the user what to type?. That would be nice.

[p.s.: sorry for my english. I’m not an english-speaker. If I sound rude, it’s not intentional :persevere:]

Hey, nice structure and code format. About the only thing I’d say is in future use better names than “roomA”. Other than that good job.