I need some advice (not related to any exercise)

Hello there,

Upcoming semester I am starting my master in artificial intelligence. By then I should be able to make a fairly complicated chess ranking system. I was wondering, does the next python book go deeper into topics that are valuable regarding AI, or does it offer more of the web building exercises like in the end of the basic book?

Any advice on what short-term goal I should pursuit whilst taking into account my long-term goal are greatly appreciated.

Wow, sounds great!

Not specifically, I don’t think so, unless you count improving your working process and learning fundamental stuff like systematic testing, data structures, databases and a bit of language/grammar theory as valuable. Which it certainly is: it can’t hurt to know these things. But if you’re looking for AI related topics, this is probably not the best course to take. It’s also very long.

Is it longer than learnpythonthehardway?

I suppose that the master will be full of topics concerning AI. So my entry level AI knowledge does not need to be outstanding. It is adviced to have a good understanding of python however. Taking this advice into account, picking up the fundamental stuff seems like it could be helpful right?


Yes, makes sense to me.

all right thank you!

On the website it says that it is still in the pre-order phase. Is that out-dated?

It’s been usable for years…

I thought so, just in case.

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