% instead of $ on terminal?

I think I did something that changed from bash to zsh? I updated zsh and this ended up happening, now I am on ex25.py, and I cannot call sorted or pop.

This is Apple trying to get you to change your default terminal to zsh.

You can flip between them using:

 chsh -s /bin/bash


 chsh -s /bin/zsh

Don’t be afraid to google this stuff :wink:

I still have the % instead of $. Does it affect my ability to get through the book?

If you set the command you need to open a new terminal for it to take effect.

Thanks for your help with this silly issue…

so I exited out and reopened, and it still has the %

Hmmm how odd. To be honest I’ve no idea if it will impact the book progress but I wouldn’t think so, given that most usage is just changing directory etc.

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I passed ex26 so I am just gonna move on. Maybe next time I restart the computer… Again, thanks for your help!


Just following up… I have tried to do it again, zsh still show up as my shell and when I chsh -s it returns “no changes made” I have not noticed any major differences. I was stuck at ex25 but have just moved on and will revisit later.

That really sucks. Apparently apple did this because of the license on bash, which is just stupid. I guess I have to update my books to use zsh in the future.

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