Is it necessary to uninstall module in LPTHW 3x46?

Why is it necessary to uninstall the module ex46 in the exercise 46 of Learn Python The Hard Way?
Is there any specific reason?

Uninstall? Did I have you install it? If I have you uninstall then it’s just so it doesn’t pollute your later projects.

Ok. Can you mention those harms which a module can do if not uninstalled?

The biggest one is that you might do an import of the wrong code. Let’s say you have this line:

from ex46 import mything

Now, you’re working on the file:


And you keep making changes over and over and NOTHING changes. Then, 2 days later you figure out it’s because the file that is actually being loaded is your installed ex46/ that’s really in ~/.venvs/ex46/

Thanks. Now I understood.

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