Is Python a Good Career Choice

Hello All, Can anyone tell me, Is being a python developer a good career choice? I want to build a career as a python developer and I want to know the average salary of python developers in india as well as which skillset should be required to become a python developer? I have checked some articles like this post and It is very helpful but Is it the right choice to build a career as a python developer?

Hi @shivambhatele and welcome. Although I cannot comment specifically about the uses of Python Developers specially in India, many people start learning to program using Python.

The language has a relatively simple syntax, is installable almost anywhere and is a great way to learn the basic building blocks of programming in general. Many of us who started with Learn Python The Hard Way have gone on to learn C, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Java, etc using the concepts we learned from Zed in his books.

For a localised view of roles and responsibilities, why not contact some of the big companies and ask for some information?

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Yes I have asked some experienced people but most of them said Java is better than python but I want to learn python and I am confused, Is it right career choice.

Being a programmer can be a good career but the worst thing to do is think a language is a career. Learn Python, then learn JavaScript, then learn Java, then learn C. If you do those 4 languages then you’ll have enough knowledge to learn pretty much any language you need to be a professional programmer for a long time.

The programmers who don’t last are the ones who yell at beginners to learn only Java.

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Of course, listen to the pro ^^^^

I suppose there could be a view that you might be more employable in India if you have Java expertise. I’m from the UK and most of our Indian IT partners are supporting either Java/.Net stacks, so perhaps that is where your friends are coming from.

Ultimately, pick one and start and see where you end up. And as you are here, start with Python!

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