Is there a ex0 video on the portal?

I’m on windows platform, trying to install GCC. The book says to watch the video of ex0, which I can’t find on the portal. Any idea?

I have to completely redo those videos, but try either:


Hello there. I have the same question. The download links don’t really help as they don’t provide any clue what to actually choose, when setting the whole thing up, neither what to choose when installing it (I just cluelessly clicked on anything without having any idea what I was doing).
Now I have this big file on my computer, unzipped and all, and can’t even find the .exe or how to actually work with it. Some additional help would be so, so, so great. I have been learning C for some time now, but I am a bloody beginner, so even simple things like Setup are throwing me off.
Thank you so much in advance.

Man their docs are such garbage. Ok let me see if I can get a video up today or tomorrow.