Is there an error inside ex26.txt?

I have completed Exercise 25 of LP3THW no errors and it was relatively easy. The contents mention that there are parts of Exercises 24 and 25 but there were no references from Ex 25, no functions(a file with them) and no need to import

Why does the CSQ sections then mention that there are functions from ex25? Is the file ex26.txt ( incomplete or am I missing something?

It depends on how you approach the ex26 code, but just consider it done and move on.

Hello Dynamo and Zed–

I have a similar question to Dynamo. Searching around on the web, there appears to be other versions of ex26, which do include the functions of ex25. But the version that the link brings me to only has one function in it – the secret_formula from ex24. None of the functions from ex25 appear in the currently linked version of ex26.

I cannot tell if I am missing something too, or if the text file has been updated.

I would say, do your best and since the requirements and the challenge are vague, then anything you come up with is correct as long as you did it consciously. If you just kind of hacked at it and stumbled around then you should go study some more. But, if you make a conscious choice to cut something, or to fix it in a specific way, then you’re good. That’s the idea way to solve it.

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