Is there any other test than beta test for software?

I just want to know all kind of software test which is currently used for checking purpose? Fix Error code 0X0070002 suggested me to use the beta test to check software.

That’s a big question. There are ‘lots’ of different types of software testing/checking techniques, usually classified into functional and non-functional testing.

Check it out on Wikipedia.

However that links seems to suggest a cause for that windows system error may well be related to the software being ‘beta’ (which by definition means pre-Production ready).

Software is distributed in beta so real users can explore it and feedback issues they encounter. It’s a very effective way of flushing out bugs your internal team are unlikely to find (due to many combinations of hardware, software, os and other permutations). It’s is also cost effective as your disclaimer is the software might not work and therefore is not warranted at the point, I.e. User beware!

Is your copy of windows legitimate? :wink:

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