JavaScript Basics Workshop, Wed 28th Nov @ 3pm EST/20:00 UTC

Hello everyone, this is Zed Shaw, author of Learn JavaScript The Hard Way, and you’re receiving this email because you purchased that book.

We’re continuing the JS Basics workshop today at 3pm so if you’d like extra help getting through the first part of the book then come attend. It is included with your purchase of the book, so you don’t have to pay anything extra to join in.

We’ve completed 2 seminars so far and you can watch those videos here:

Today we’ll be doing Exercises 11-15 and I’ll have a small special change to the video stream that should make it a little more fun.

Joining The Chat

You can come join our chat server to ask questions and participate in the live session at:

The channel for the seminar will be here:

I’m usually hanging out in there about 30 minutes before and I stay on for an hour after, so if you have JavaScript questions you can ask them while I’m there.

Joining The Live Seminar

When the time comes (3pm EST/20:00 UTC) you can watch the seminar live at:

If you can’t attend live then the video will be published shortly after the seminar at:

Don’t Be Shy

These videos are included free in your purchase so that you have more help getting through the book, and so I get feedback on how the training method is working for everyone. You don’t have to attend live, but you are free to show up and ask questions. Thank you.

Hi @zedshaw I just wanted to say that this seminar was of great value to me. Your explanation of functions and recursion helped a lot in solving some other problem of mine in Python and to understand functions in general much better. The part there you refered to the history of programming to explain what’s going on helped a lot.

Thank you.

Great, that’s sort of the big change in how I’m doing the JS book vs. the Python book. The live lessons definitely helped me be better at presenting the material.

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