Jobs after LPTHW

Question… after completing both books and some more research and studying would it be possible to land a junior developer job?

That’s a very tough question, since it depends as much on the market in your area as it does on how good you are at coding by then. I know plenty of people who get through 4 years or more of traditional computer science and can’t get work because they live in an area with no developer jobs. I know other people who can’t code at all, only finish half of one of my books, and land a developer evangelist gig making 6 figures.

If you’re willing to take any reasonably paying job you can, and move if you have to, then yes you can get a job. If you also throw in doing some side work on your own open source projects and helping out with other project, then again it ups your chances. I think it also helps to craft examples of your skill that people can use in addition to looking at your code.

That first job is also the most difficult job, but once you get any programming job you’re usually in the industry and can start trading up to better jobs. That’s why I say take almost any job in your area or online that pays something to have you code.

However, if you plan on never leaving your house because you have 6 cats who need you and you live in the middle of nowhere with no internet then–just being very honest here–you will have a very hard time finding work. It sounds far fetched but I find plenty of people who could find work if they just moved to where the jobs are, but who seem to have endless reasons why they can’t, so they just don’t find work.

But, tell me more about your situation and I can give some more pointed direct advice.

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I live in Columbus Ohio. I currently work at a hardware and software services company. I am wanting to get into programming due to my strong interest and enjoyment. Also it seems to be a career path that keeps growing with leaps and bounds. The pay seems to be something to be desired. I am a problem solver and hard working 33 year old man. I currently have made websites and thought learning python would be a great way to get into the field. Any help and or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Late reply, but you’re probably set then. If you already work for a company in the tech sphere then you just have to start picking up coding and then start automating whatever you can for your job. As you do that more you can ask to help with or join the programming side of things.