Just surrounded by zombies. The thing on my left was a....debugger?

I’m still on my last exercise (prior to pointers to functions) even though I’ve long COMPLELETELY completed it. I think there’s something about it being a big upturn in the course onto to the real fun of C. I’ve glanced ahead a bit in the table of contents only. Everything seems really exciting, I CANT wait, yet for some reason I keep finding myself playing with the stuff I’ve learned so far. The stack data structure code, the database code, playing with experimental ways to revise certain things, exploring deeper into the debugging tools, etc.

I think the flashcard stuff and the reminder to be my codes own worst enemy is somehow driving me to make sure I really understand what I’ve learned so far. Because with so much uncertainly coming out of a language it, in a sense, developing in C feels like trying to get through a zombie hoard. You have to know how to use your weapons and to remain ever so vigilant. Keeping in mind that these man-eater are the most terrifying because they are infected with Undefined Behavior (shudders).

So I keep going through things. Looking for the holes. Fixing them using what I know so far just for the practice in developing solutions and so that I know I’m better prepared for what I’m getting into in the rest of the course. And despite how confident I am that I’m understanding the course, the C language ensures me there’s always more to discover and looks can always be very deceiving. It can certainly make make me wonder at times, “Why the hell did I choose to take this route instead of the other one?”. But the answer is simple, the other route everyone lived as if the zombies weren’t even real, occasionally even coming up missing, but this route was full of people chopping right through the bastards with well executed efficiency. Easy choice, right? (Right?!)

Of course I exercise my right to not admit I might be crazy (subtle admission?). I’m a long time coder so this is just the kind of world I find interesting I guess. But with all that said I’m going back to keep playing with things. Maybe do Ex18 just to toss in another element to the mix before I get spoiled by some awesome debugging enhancements :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch out behind you!!


Wait until you start recording your defect rates. :wink:

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