Just want to say hi

I’m about to do a data science session at Lambda school and it’s going to be a long, grueling 9 months. I promise that once I get better in the topic I will provide help. I’m well aware I need a special badge for that but it’s just something to think about.

Looking forward to contributing more and ask away if you have questions about my experience in Lambda School.

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Hi and welcome. What is Lambda School?

Welcome @ZacheryM. Doesn’t know anything about Lambda School either. Tell us more. It sounds interesting.

You don’t need a special badge to help @ZacheryM. Just offer your help when you can, and then I will usually like it or augment it.

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Greetings, just googled this school, didn’t know about it either.

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Hi @thompson313 welcome to the forum. Wish you a good time here.

Yes welcome @thompson313 to the forum