Learn Functional Programming The Hard Way?


It doesn’t need to be done with a purely functional language like Haskell. If you still plan on a Rust book, then that might be a great opportunity to explore functional programming as Rust is heavily influenced by functional programming languages like OCaml.

Having the ability to think using a functional programming paradigm can only make one a more well-rounded programmer. What do you think?


So I actually do want to do a book on some form of recent functional programming language, but nearly all of them are in constant flux or too difficult to write a book for. In the “too in flux” camp we have things like Rust, Nim, etc. and in the “too difficult” camp we have things like Haskell and Agda.

I’ve got a new author who’s working on a clojure (or maybe clojurescript) book which I think will actually serve this purpose. The other language I’ve considered is F#, which seems to be easy to use, have the modern FP ideas, and also very practical at the same time.


That makes a lot of sense. Clojure is a really nice language to learn, it’s a neat way to exploit the great Java libraries without having to actually code in Java. F# is also good for the same reason.

BTW, any update on Learn Unix the Hard Way? Really excited for a beta release.