Learn JavaScript The Hard Way after LPTHW?

Hi @zedshaw I’m coming to the end of LPTHW and plan to move on with LMPTHW. But, because I do a lot of webstuff, I recognize that it will be very usefull to me to learn JavaScript. To make better projects for my self and for my job. What do you think, is it a good idea to start also with LJSTHW besides LMPTHW or will that be to distractive?

Oh yeah! My JS book is kind of a combo of the two python books, so that’d be ideal. The only thing is that I’m only up to Exercise 12 and have to get back on it and those exercises might be rough, but start on it if you want and then bug me when you’re getting close to 12 so I can push more out.

Thanks Zed. Okay will do that. As soon as I finished LPTHW I will start with LJSTHW and LMPTHW. But don’t worry I will need my time till I’m on ex12.