Learn Python 3 the Accountability & Mentorship Way

My status this week is: Attempting to Focus!

DONE: Reinstalled Atom and Python. Starting book from the beginning after previous attempts to finish.
BLOCKERS: I’ll have a better grasp after re-completing chapters.
GOALS: Daily efforts to complete exercises with comprehension.

I am currently working on Exercise 1.

I am struggling with understanding … Not really anything for several exercises.

I am finally understanding … How self-discipline and problem solving skills are directly related to reading and writing code.

I have work to show at … Staying the course. I find it difficult to move past exercises that I feel I may not have fully grasped. I also have found that not sharing the results is personally discouraging.

Thank you for any encouragement or support. If anyone else is also attempting to learn Python, feel free to join in. It’s always useful to look at a different coding style or thought process.

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