Learn Python 3 the hard way exercise 35

When I run this code only the first gold_room code block runs. I do not even get any error.
The code block at the end suggests the code block for any of the 3 rooms should run depending on the input.
Is there something wrong with code or does the author intend the different code blocks for rooms to be run separately?
Why is “start ()” at the end?

from sys import exit

def gold_room():
	print("This room is full of gold. How much do you take?")

choice = input("> ")
if "0" in choice or "1" in choice:
	how_much = int(choice)
	dead("Man, learn to type a number.")

if how_much < 50:
	print("Nice, you're not greedy, you win!")
	dead("You greedy bastard!")

def bear_room():
	print("There is a bear here.")
	print("The bear has a bunch of honey.")
	print("The fat bear is in front of another door.")
	print("How are you going to move the bear?")
bear_moved = False

while True:
	choice = input("> ")

if choice == "take honey":
	dead("The bear looks at you then slaps your face off.")
elif choice == "taunt bear" and not bear_moved:
	print("The bear has moved from the door.")
	print("You can go through it now.")
	bear_moved = True
elif choice == "taunt bear" and bear_moved:
	dead("The bear gets pissed off and chews your leg off.")
elif choice == "open door" and bear_moved:
	print("I got no idea what that means.")

def cthulhu_room():
	print("Here you see the great evil Cthulhu.")
	print("He, it, whatever stares at you and you go insane.")
	print("Do you flee for your life or eat your head?")

choice = input("> ")

if "flee" in choice:
elif "head" in choice:
	dead("Well that was tasty!")

def dead(why):
	print(why, "Good job!")

def start():
	print("You are in a dark room.")
	print("There is a door to your right and left.")
	print("Which one do you take?")

choice = input("> ")

if choice == "left":
elif choice == "right":
	dead("You stumble around the room until you starve.")


Can you please format the code? See the “preformatted text” icon in the post editor, when you re-edit it? On that bar above.
Select all your code , click that icon and it should format it as code.
Do some indenting and it will look better.

Hi, so I fixed your code for you like @io_io said. You just need to put [code] [/code] around all your code.

Now, doing that shows me that you’ve indented it wrong. You have all the code for the bear_room, not indented under the function, but on the same column as the function. Indent all of that and it should work. Compare it with mine to see what you can do.