Learn Python the Hard Way - Week 2

My status this week is:Motivated.

DONE:Exercises 1 - 15 of LPTHW after reinstalling everything last week.
BLOCKERS:Thoroughly reading each chapter. I seem to unconsciously “skim” material that I feel I understand. I have often found information that I apparently skipped.
GOALS:Complete as many exercises as I can comprehend. Continue using REM statements throughout my code regardless of redundancy.

I am currently working on …Exercise 16 - Reading and writing files.

I am struggling with understanding …I really struggled with exercise 15 for a long time. There was a great deal more to learn from the exercise than I garnered from my first attempt. I had trouble even getting pydoc to display it’s information on ‘open’. I also had difficulty with running the exercise from within Python.

I am finally understanding …Using the information from errors to correct syntax or format in my code. The definition of ‘Hard Coding’ vs Input. Creating a file object as opposed to reading a file.

I have work to show at …Moving forward when stuck on a concept. Creating side projects to utilize current exercises.

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