Learn UNIX the hard way release date



When is expected release of this course?


Well I’m hoping to get the outline going soon, and I have someone who’s going to contribute a part of the book to cover bash. So, if you can’t wait for me to finish, then please email help@learncodethehardway.org and request a refund. I process it no problem on the pre-releases if people can’t wait.


No need for refund, just that it says on the page that release is planned for April?


Well I have to update that page but I’m looking at a release date of maybe Aug or September. That all depends on if I can get someone to help with the bash portion of the book, or if I’m going with my original plan.


Do you have any outlines of a content needed.


Any update on the release date? I’m in no hurry, but I am eager to get it.


Apparently it’s still under construction :expressionless: