Linux commands in lessons

I am working through LPTHW, in a lot of the lessons the commands are for Linux. Like for example this from EX17;

$ # first make a sample file
$ echo “This is a test file.” > test.txt
$ # then look at it
$ cat test.txt
This is a test file.
$ # now run our script on it
$ python3.6 test.txt new_file.txt

Here is my question, should I ignore the Linux commands and figure out the commands for windows? Or should these commands work in command prompt and I just am doing it wrong or I missed a step.

Depending on what version of Windows it should be nearly the same, but in this case I recommend using a text editor to make that file. On Windows it has a nasty habit of changing the encoding of the text file to make it hard to work with. For the others they should work but if not there’s a transation, or watch the video since I use PowerShell for most of the course.


I will watch the video. Thank you for the reply and thank you for putting out great products and great information. Cheers