LiveCode vs Python - Any thoughts?


Keeping busy going through LP3THW…just made it to While Loops !

And plan to keep going through the rest of the book and exercises…

Then onto LMP3THW…

But curious about LiveCode ( and if anyone is familiar with it and has any feedback about using it. Especially, any advantages or disadvantages to it versus Python.

It’s a ‘higher level’ language than Python, multi-platform, etc.

Thanks for any and all input.


Hi @ArchiMark never heard about live code before. The website and the promises look amazing, but that’s all I can say about it. From a pragmatic perspective I would stick to Python. That’s a well known language used by millions of developers and you can do about everything with it (not EVERYTHING but a lot). If you know Python well you can be considered a developer, if you know LiveCode you’re just somebody who does know LiveCode (and not a lot of people know about it). If you want to become a developer, don’t waist your time on it, stick to Python or any other well known language (JavaScript, C++, Java, you name it). If you just want to play around on your computer and have some fun, to learn LiveCode can be a good option, but sooner or later you have to learn another “real” language if you want to dig deeper in programming. Maybe LiveCode is the new Python in 20 years but we don’t know it yet.

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Hi Didier,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic…very helpful.

Understand and agree with your points.

As I mentioned, I intend to keep learning Python. So, would not drop Python for LiveCode. However, it does seem like it might be a fun language to learn in addition and allow one to create programs quickly.



That’s exactly how it looks to me!

Well, you know what they say, "Great minds, think alike! "


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