LJSTHW Exercises 0-30 Drafted

This is a short announcement to say that I have just pushed drafts for exercises up to Exercise 30, which completes Part I of the book. You can start reading it here:


These exercises are in draft form so if you find any problems or mistakes please let me know on the forum:


Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. I have a professional copy editor who is going through these now. I’m looking for anything that’s not clear, code that doesn’t run as expected, or concepts I missed.

You Need Node 10.x

Node.js moves fast so please make sure you have at least Node.js 10.11.x although it should work the same with any Node.js version 10.x or higher. Bother me in the forum if you need help upgrading and figuring out what version you have, but you can just do:

node --version

The exercises were tested on Node.js 10.1 and 10.11 to make sure they work across a range of versions.

Videos Coming Next

Many of the exercises mention that you should watch the videos, so those are being developed and should be pushed in chunks as I make them. I’ll send out a new update as blocks of videos are published. You can get at the videos that are currently published here:


Future Live Seminars

Once these exercises are solid, I’ll be announcing a special free live seminar series for all of you who bought the book to help people get through this first half. You’ll be able to watch a series of live lessons (which are saved for later watching) that will take you through these exercises as an overview. I’ll email everyone once that is ready and organized.

Thank you for your time.