LMPTHW: ex0 Feedback

Ahoy! Can hardly wait to get started on LMPTHW, just thought I’d mention a possible typo in the category about ‘A Programmer’s Editor’, very last sentence in the section.

"You can also Vim or Emacs if you want. "

Perhaps “You can also use Vim or…” ?

Hello @siorai.

I like vim. There is a lot of tutorials on youtube. I bought a course on Udemy.
But Zed also have a course for vim now.
Except for Emac you also can use pycharm and Sublime text for python.
They have built in functions to run and test code.
I have no opinion if anyone is better than the others.

Or “You can also use Vim or… ?” if you want to be really pedantic :slight_smile:

I use Vim the most. But for some reason I bought also the WingIde. It’s very strong on refactoring. But it’s also hard work (and time consuming) to get to know it good enough to have some advantages with it over a simple text editor. The last time I used it I got some strange errors on code that had no problems with my ordinary Python setup. So I stick with Bash and Vim till I have free time to dig deeper in the IDE. But, to be honest, I use my time better to learn how to program instead to learn a complicated IDE. If you work with Python the whole day it might have some advantages.

But! I like to work in Bash and Vim because I never have to put my hand on a mouse, I can do everything with my hands on my keyboard. This is a massive productivity win and my thoughts have no time to wander around in the time I have to grab the mouse…